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At ConnectiveWave we pride ourselves on delivering top notch service. We will to go above and beyond to take your brand to the next level.


Branding is what connects a company with its community. In a communication landscape that is digitally-led, strategies that bring human interactions to technology have never been more important.


Managing all social platforms giving you the opportunity to concentrate on making music not what you’re posting.


Creating a vision for advertising and marketing campaigns. Building the perfect content for your audiences. From customized videos and images to a well written post.

ADVERTISE Management

After a researching your perfect Avatar. We tailor each ad ran to your potential fans. Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Spotify, SoundCloud. Gaining data and engagement to retarget.


Building a store with your own Merch so you can have income well you are making music. It also helps with promos and song release.

WEB DESIGN AND development

Front to Back Development. We offer a seamless process from design, wire framing, hosting, development, to your site going live. Any maintenance? no problem we have that handled with a fast turn over time.

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